Thank you for visiting my website and showing interest in my work. My name is Marco Ruegg, I am a 20 year old Swiss photographer currently based in Boston MA. Since early on in my childhood I have been drawn to cameras, the art of capturing stills and more recently motions. At the age of 16, and by borrowing by father’s camera, I started an Instagram account. A few followers later, I thrive to provide the best possible daily content for my followers.


My social media work is mostly composed of fine arts, urban and travel photography as I rarely go anywhere without my camera. The photographs I take are windows that reveal the feelings and experience of both myself in addition to whom I am photographing. 


By the time my Instagram account started growing, I decided to commission work. My main body of work consists of portraits and music/concert photography; I look forward to every project that is proposed to me as it offers me a chance to provide my clientele with the best artistic representation of themselves or their project.